Blog Entry 12: Conclusion

It’s been an interesting but exhausting semester, and I’ve come to the end of my blog entries. If there are indeed any followers or readers, I thank you for your support and hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my insights and opinions on various internet-related issues.

Overall, here are what I covered and some comments on how I feel about them now, at the end of the module:

  1. Web Browsers – Google Chrome: I still use Chrome, and I must say that it really is the best browser on the market at the moment. I do not, however, like the constant call for greater synchronicity, and am unlikely to ever sign into the browser with my Google account.
  2. Social Media – IM, VoIP, Video Chatting Services: Mainly because I don’t brush my hair unless I absolutely have to, I don’t really have a habit of using video chatting services like Tinychat. I do, however, appreciate VoIP programs, which allow me to hold extended conversations with people both inside and outside the country, without breaking the bank.
  3. Social Networking – Facebook Addiction: Facebook is not a necessity to me. I could remain perfectly contented not logging into my account for weeks on end, and my friends can attest to that.
  4. e-Business: I think online businesses are great ways to establish your name and build a customer base before expanding into a brick-and-mortar storefront.
  5. e-Learning: Now that it’s part of our academic reality, e-learning is much less an enjoyment and more a method of improving efficiency.
  6. Internet Tools: All I have to say about this is that I have way more fun than I should with Windows Movie Maker.
  7. Internet Security & Malware: Still hate malware to the core, and still greatly appreciate the daily hard work of my antivirus program.
  8. Multimedia on the Internet: I believe that hypermedia will enjoy an increased use in the classroom in time to come.
  9. Politics & the Internet: Politics has certainly experienced a facelift thanks to the convergence with the internet, but the impact within Singapore is still not as widespread as it is in other more liberal countries.
  10. Journalism & the Internet: Citizen journalism is neither all bad nor all good, and it really depends on how people use this new power to share their thoughts and feelings.
  11. Future of the Internet: The best – or worst – is yet to come.

So yes, that’s about it. Goodbye!

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